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I have been over a research unit for 3 years, and I have memos from previous managers supporting my good work. My unit was transferred to a new division, and the home office sent a manager to temporarily run it until one can be hired, and he and I have not seen eye to eye on anything. He takes no heed to the fact that I have always run the unit. He gave me a very low evaluation, and he writes me up for every little thing. I feel my job is in danger. What can I do?

Your situation sounds like it has more layers than an onion, and it could easily cause just as many tears. One question that comes to mind at the outset is whether you believe that the managerial position should have gone to you in the first place. If this is what you believe, or if the temporary manager thinks you believe this, it is not surprising to find some conflict.

Although you should meet with the temporary manager to discuss ways in which the two of you can work more productively together, it is important for you to meet with senior management, in part to discuss your concern about the work situation with the acting manager, but more importantly to learn about the plans and objectives for your department and your role in it.

In addition, since the current manager is an acting manager, be certain that management is aware of your past accomplishments and can see the businesslike reasons why you should be given the position when his act is over. The steps that senior management takes will give you a clear idea of the steps that you should take.

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