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I am the manager of the accounting department at a large title insurance company. There is a title officer who has a history of angry outbursts, mistreatment of assistants, and verbal abuse of co-workers, regardless of warnings from upper management. He claims that people are yelling at him, so he yells at us. His behavior is abusive and against all company policies and harassment laws. I need some advice.

Hopefully your title insurance company has some form of employer practices liability insurance, because it sounds like it is just a matter of time before someone gets litigious.

In a company where yelling, screaming, and abusive treatment are found at the highest levels of management, it is not surprising to find this type of behavior oozing down to lower levels of management as well. In fact, many managers learn how to manage or mismanage from their superiors. In addition, when such outrageous behavior is practiced at the highest levels, the real message is that such behavior is entirely acceptable, company policies and laws notwithstanding.

You should approach senior management, provide specific examples of questionable managerial behaviors, and advise the topsiders of the significant costs and risks associated with abuse, harassment, and bullying. The idea of risk management should not be entirely foreign to the company leadership.

Any possible improvement in your situation must come from the top. If the company leadership does not make a move on the issues, then perhaps you should make a move.

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