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One of my good friends at work is sort of a goof-off and a clown. The other day, my manager came down very hard on me and said that he has seen us fooling around too much and he wants it to stop. I don't spend that much time with him, and I'm not sure how to handle what the manager said.

When you hang out with the office clown, people can think that you are part of the act. According to what your manager has seen, the two of you are together too much and working too little. Whether this is an accurate perception or not, it is reality for him. The best step is to cut back on the clown-time.

Rather than getting into a debate with your manager over the amount of time that you may or may not have spent with your friend, it will be more helpful for you to focus on your productivity. You should tell your buddy that you both are under the corporate spotlight and need to make sure that your performance levels are first rate.

This does not mean that you can no longer be friends, nor does it mean that there can be no more humor at work. It just means that you both need to remember the real meaning of performance on the job. After all, humor at work is very important. However, when carried to an excess, it can cause both of you to be carried to an exit.

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