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I was at a party and met someone who would be a great customer. We hit it off very well, and he told me to call him at work, which I did 3 days ago. I left him a voicemail message, and he has not called me back. I don't want to seem over-eager, but I don't want to lose this lead. Any thoughts on what to do next?

You may indeed have met a hot sales prospect at this party, but you also may have heard little more than the party line. At the same time, maybe he is a great prospect who is just too busy right now to get back to you. Or, perhaps his voice mail is broken.

At this point, there is no way to know what may be causing the delay. After hearing nothing for at least 3 days, you should call him back. This is not excessive eagerness. Being over-eager is calling more than once in a day starting the day after your initial call.

The larger problem is how to get around his voice mail. You can try calling at off hours, such as in the early morning, early evening, and weekends, as some people are inclined to pick up their own lines during these periods.

If he is always shielded by his voice mail, then you should try to make your next voice mail message more enticing. If there are some special programs, incentives, or developments, mention them without going into too much detail. The idea is to grab his interest so that he will grab the phone.

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