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My manager has a hard time pronouncing my name, which is a popular name in my country of birth, but not here. My manager decided to give me a nickname rather than struggle with it anymore. I cannot stand being nicknamed, and I cringe when he addresses me, but I am concerned about discussing this with him. What can I do?

When managers do foolish things like this, it is not uncommon to find that the employees have unflattering nicknames for them. The fact is that your manager is clueless when it comes to any comprehension of diversity, fairness, professionalism, and respect, as well as the exposure associated with differential treatment of employees based on national origin.

The best step is for you to meet with him and tell him exactly how you feel about what he is doing. Use a businesslike approach and tell him quite clearly that it hurts you to have a nickname, and that you want him to address you by your given name. Tell him that you would far prefer to have him try to pronounce your real name, rather than affix any other name on you.

If he has even a shred of gray matter, he will understand and respect what you are saying. And, if he misses the point, perhaps you should mention the names of some senior managers whom you will have to contact.

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