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Training and Education Finding a Job Assertiveness

I have had several different jobs in my career, and I recently completed a rather expensive technical training program. I have been sending out resumes, but all I get back are rejections or nothing at all. I keep trying different resumes, but none work. What do you suggest?

Your "rather expensive" technical school is giving you rather shabby career guidance and support. One of the commitments that many of these schools typically make to potential students is a pledge to help them find jobs. This means that you should contact the school, hopefully a career placement specialist, and tell him or her what is happening and what you would like to happen.

However, you will need to do more than contact the school or send out resumes. At this point, your job search is your job, and you need to get up every day and work it. This means contacting friends, associates, former co-workers, employment agencies, support groups, and any other individuals or organizations that can help you on this project. Check out newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, and do some cold calling to companies that interest you.

In terms of the rejections or lack of response after you send out your resume, make sure that your resume is in good shape and that you are applying for jobs for which you are reasonably qualified. At the same time, do not be shy about making follow-up phone calls. You may also want to experiment with a strong promotional letter rather a resume at all. The fact is that there is a good full-time job for you in this labor market, but right now your full-time job is to find it.

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