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There are several of us in the office, and when those who wear perfume are present, you can smell it as soon as you enter. There are three of us who suffer from allergies, and the perfume gives us headaches and makes us sneeze and cough. We have talked to the ones who wear perfume, but they just don't get it. The problem is that our boss is one of those who wear perfume, and because of this, we're stuck. Do you have any suggestions?

If you feel that your job stinks, there are ways to counteract the nasal assault. In fact, many companies are becoming increasingly concerned with indoor air quality, and they often view perfumes as part of the problem. Such employers are interested in keeping indoor air pollution to a minimum, not only from the standpoint of maintaining employee health, welfare, and satisfaction, but also from the standpoint of maintaining employee attendance and productivity. This is not just an issue for the employees who have a fragrance sensitivity, but rather for all of the employees.

You should meet with your boss and spell out the specific physical problems that the perfumes are causing for you and your associates, along with the many costs that accompany this matter. You should then indicate that you would like the boss to make a reasonable accommodation to deal with this situation, particularly in terms of limiting the use of fragrances at work. If your boss thumbs his or her nose at this request, then you should sniff things out at the next level of management.

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