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I work in a very disorganized office. Everything is a last minute emergency. On one project, the boss asked several people to do the same job, and I spent two days on a project that had been assigned to someone else. My manager said we just need to get used to it. The turnover rate is extremely high, with many people leaving in disgust. Their complaints never make it past middle management. Is there any hope, or should I just jump ship?

You are in a company that practices management by chaos. With firefights here and crises there, the company thrashes through the turbulence of the work day, with employees hanging on and trying to figure out who is supposed to be doing what. It sounds like things have gotten to the point that many employees have opted to neither hang on nor hang around.

Some experts claim that organizations like yours are exciting, vibrant, and creative. Everything happens very fast, and those who survive are strong, dynamic, and sharp.

Other experts claim that such organizations are absurd. There are outrageous errors, overlaps, and omissions, with dissatisfaction being voiced by anyone who has anything to do with such companies. The survivors are treated like furniture, and can easily end up being damaged goods.

Based on topside inaccessibility and lack of responsiveness, you are not going to be able to do much to change this company. Some people can adjust to these environments, and others cannot. You need to look carefully at yourself and decide what kind of a change you want to make.

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