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The company where I work had a "no husband and wife policy" until recently. Now we are having many problems with the first married couple in our area. They defend each other, do each other's work, and talk about their relationship incessantly. Many of us have complained to management, but we are told that human resources allows married couples to work in the same area. What do you think?

Although this marriage is not bringing bliss to your department, the marriage itself is not causing the problem.

The real issue is that there are two employees who are isolating themselves from the others, talking incessantly about non-work issues, and, as a result, are interfering with teamwork, cooperation, and coordination in the department. Whether these two lovebirds are married has nothing to do with it.

When you complained about allowing married couples to work together, you focused the discussion on marriage rather than performance. You should meet with management again, focus on specific behaviors that are interfering with the effectiveness of the department, and ask for management's help.

In a broader sense, it is not a great sign when management quotes personnel policy when told about a problematic situation. If management goes into a policy- quoting mode again, this may be a sign for you to reconsider how wedded you are to this organization.

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