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We had a heavy lunch at one of our conferences, and afterwards I half-jokingly suggested that it was time for the company to implement a nap policy. One of the vice presidents sneered at me and shook his head, and my own manager made a crack about sleeping on the job. Did I violate some corporate rule?

It sounds like some of the topsiders in your company slept through a couple of important developments in management. In the first place, some humor, joking, and even half-joking are important at work, and that's no joke. Secondly, a growing number of companies have awakened to the fact that napping at work is starting to become more acceptable. You can even hear terms such as "power nap" being tossed around.

There are studies showing that a brief nap during the day can help the body, the brain, and even productivity. After a nap, it has been found that people are reenergized and able to focus more effectively on their work. With this in mind, a few companies have even put in special rooms for napping during a break.

Additional research is starting to show that napping leads to reduced stress, accidents, and errors. This does not mean that employees should zonk out for an hour or two in the afternoon, but a brief nap of approximately 15 to 20 minutes has been found to be quite effective.

Although you were half-joking about naps, what you were saying was more than a half-truth.

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