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New Hires Know It All's Insults Sales and Selling Suggestions Paperwork

We have a new sales manager, and he thinks he knows everything. He has these nasty little suggestions for just about everything we do, and he has poured all this additional paperwork on us. How do we deal with him?

It does not sound like your new sales manager has sold himself very well to you or the rest of the team. When managers give constructive suggestions to employees, this can actually be an effective way to coach, guide, and educate. However, nasty little suggestions are an entirely different matter, and they are typically little more than insults, criticism, or blame. Your manager may think he knows everything, but the fact that he takes this approach automatically shows that he does not.

His lack of understanding about the role of paperwork today also points to some gaps in his knowledge of everything. For example, if there is a trend in the amount of paperwork for salespeople, it is pointing toward less. Some companies are using sales software packages, and it is also possible to have all of the administrative aspects of selling handled on the Internet.

Since your new sales manager is into suggestions, you and your associates need to make a few to him. Tell him about the measurable benefits associated with having more two-way communication and discussions with the troops, and suggest to him that he take a look at some of the highly effective alternatives to paperwork for salespeople. If he reacts with more nasty little suggestions, then perhaps you should make a few little suggestions to his manager.

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