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I am in sales, and our company just implemented a new system that requires us to complete a huge amount of paperwork. We don't see the value of most of it, but our manager tells us that it will improve our efficiency. When we complained, he made it very clear that the paperwork has to be completed. How does this sound to you?

In a word, this sounds inefficient. Although documentation is important, it is difficult to consider increased efficiency and increased paperwork in the same sentence. In fact, increased efficiency of salespeople is more typically associated with a reduction in paperwork.

It is also remarkable that management implemented this change without any inputs or suggestions from you and the rest of the sales team. If management really wants to know how to increase the efficiency of the salespeople, they should ask the salespeople. What a concept!

At this point, rather than complaining about management's desire to bury you in paperwork, you and your associates should come up with some specific ways to streamline the paperwork. There are many high-tech solutions that can quickly and easily provide management with the full range of sales data, and most require no paperwork at all.

The next step is to meet with your manager, and with senior management if necessary. Be sure to approach these meetings as sales sessions rather than gripe sessions. If management does not buy what you are saying, then it is apparent that you are now working for a company that is more interested in the volume of paperwork than in the volume of sales.

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