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New Hires Self-Insight Stress

Since our new boss arrived, I cannot believe how many mistakes I have been making. He must think I am not a good employee, but that's not true. Should I talk to him about this, or just focus on my work and try to work better?

Rather than focusing on your boss or your work, the first step is to focus on yourself. Are there any changes or developments in your life that may be distracting, upsetting, or stressful? When a solid employee starts making a string of mistakes, there is often something else going on. You are in the best position to know what that may be.

One apparent change in your life is the new boss. Is there anything about him that may be interfering with your performance? Not to go overly Freudian on this issue, but is it possible that the job is no longer as enjoyable with this new boss, and something deep inside is telling you to leave?

Depending upon what you learn after some soul-searching, you can discuss your performance with your new boss. You should wait until you perform particularly well on a project, and use that as an opportunity to discuss your work and the steps that you have been taking to improve your performance. Remember that no matter what you may say to your boss, your performance is going to speak much louder.

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