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Our manager is very vocal when it comes to giving recognition to my fellow employees whenever they do something well, but even if I do the greatest job in the world, I hear nothing. It's not that my manager is unaware of my performance, it's just that she ignores it. What should I do?

A manager who ignores the performance of one employee is also ignoring several key elements of management, including motivation, team-building, and productivity.

There can be any number of reasons why your manager is ignoring you. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she is not as aware of your performance as you think she may be, or perhaps she feels that you are not a person who needs as much attention as some of your peers. At the same time, her lack of recognition may be based on a difficult prior encounter with you, or perhaps it is based on some form of bias.

Since you feel that you deserve more recognition from her, you should let her know. Tell her that you are confused over the way that recognition is provided in the department, since some of your co-workers seem to be receiving considerable recognition for their performance, but you are not. Be sure to mention some of your accomplishments, and then ask her for suggestions as to what you need to do to receive more recognition.

Listen carefully to her suggestions and follow them. If you still do not hear any words of praise from her, then perhaps it is time for senior management to hear from you.

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