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Finding a Job

I recently registered with several employment agencies to assist me in my job search. I am a qualified receptionist/administrative assistant with good references. The job interviews that I am sent on are "less than professional" places to work. I wish I could find an agency that would truly be interested in helping me find a decent place to work. Any suggestions?

An agency that is sending you to "less than professional" places sounds like a less-than-professional agency. Fortunately, there are very professional agencies that you can use. You need to screen an agency before allowing it to screen you. There are several ways to do this, such as by networking with friends and associates, contacting companies that interest you and asking which agencies they use, and looking up agencies in magazines and on the Internet.

When you deal with an employment agency, you need to be clear and assertive. Let the agent know what you are looking for, along with the fact that if you are sent to an inappropriate potential employer, you will change agencies.

In searching for a job, it is also helpful to use more than just agencies. Friends, associates, schools, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet all can play a role here as well.

The labor market is very good right now for people with your skills, and you can be very choosy, both in terms of selecting an agency and selecting a job.

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