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The owner of the company where I work recently hired his daughter as office manager. Granted she has the training and experience to do the job, she is picky, insulting, and never says thanks, but the owner feels she can do no wrong. Are we stuck?

When this kind of leadership change occurs on a job, it is normal to feel that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place to work. However, in terms of your career, you are only stuck if you decide to be stuck. You and your associates can roll over and suffer, or you can try to salvage a work situation that was apparently quite satisfying before the apple of the owner's eye arrived.

You and your associates should meet with the new office manager. It is possible that you are seeing her "new manager on the block" mode, and once she gets through the early period, she will start to act more like a human. You may be able to accelerate this process by opening the lines of communication with her.

If the working relationship does not work with this increased communication, you should consider talking to the owner. Although this may be treacherous territory, you actually have nothing to lose. If the job has become awful, you are going to have to think about making some kind of change anyhow. And, if the owner's daughter is as difficult as you indicate, he might be more receptive than you think. Or, he may be the one person who is truly stuck in this situation.

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