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Our company recently hired a new office manager, but she does not know how to manage at all. She runs around here doing menial tasks and getting in the way, and we have to train her in so many areas while she is supervising us. This seems unfair, and there are several of us who should have been promoted instead of hiring her from the outside. What should we do?

When a company hires new leadership in the face of its own arguably qualified employees, it is not uncommon for the new leadership to face resistance. Hence, the first question is whether this new manager is truly out to lunch, or whether you and your associates locked her out.

In many cases, a new leader may lack some of the technical skills necessary to carry out the jobs of their employees, but they bring strong skills in such areas as motivation, team building, communication, and goal-setting. However, if this new manager is truly focusing on menial tasks rather than meaningful tasks, then perhaps she is truly over her head as well as over yours.

At this point, the best step is to let some more time pass, try to be fair and supportive in your dealings with her, and keep the communication lines open. Through increased communication with her, the transition can be eased for all of you. And, if the passage of time finds her even further engrossed with menial tasks, you should consider discussing the situation with senior management. In fact, unless senior management is equally focused on menial chores, they will have already focused on her.

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