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We are in sales and our company has a very grumpy receptionist who answers the phones. She is short with the callers, always in a huff, and by the time the call gets to us, the caller is upset. We have mentioned this to the receptionist's supervisor and even to management, but their attitude is that she is doing just fine. What can we do about this?

Your receptionist may be "grumpy," but management sounds like "dopey." The real problem is that management of your sales organization thinks that it is "just fine" for customers to be annoyed whenever they call.

You need to do more than mention this issue to management. You and your associates should go back, bring documented complaints if you have any, and then present some suggestions as to how to deal with this receptionist. For example, be prepared to suggest some training programs, incentives, or closer supervision and guidance to help her perform her job more courteously and effectively.

Over the longer term, if you see some improvement in her performance, be sure to let her and her supervisor know. However, if she continues her grumpy act, you should revisit this issue with management. If management continues to believe that ignoring the salespeople is an effective way to run a business, they will soon find that it is indeed an effective way to run a business...right into the ground.

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