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I assumed my manager liked me. She has always been friendly to me, and my reviews have been positive. The other day, for no reason, she said I'm not promotable and that I'm just a follower. I was speechless. Now she's nice to me again. Should I say something?

It sounds like your manager was having a bad day and decided that her misery needed company. So, she decided to wreck your day.

Since you are upset by her verbal assault, and you are not interested in seeing a repeat performance, you should discuss the incident with her. Your silence is only going to eat away at you, while telling her that her comments must have been correct.

Now that she is back in nice mode, this is a good time to have a nice little chat with her. Be sure to discuss some clear examples of your work that demonstrate your promotability and the irrefutable fact that you are not a follower.

Open the discussion by telling her that you are puzzled by her recent comments. She may proffer an apology right on the spot. If she does anything else, restate her comments and then add your facts that refute them. When you report to a manager who operates on fiction rather than fact, you need to say something or the story only worsens. And that's a fact.

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