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I work with a nasty and condescending co-worker. No matter what I say or do, he always gets upset, criticizes me, and tries to make me feel stupid. He wants everything done his way, and if it's not, he gets furious and then he sulks and hardly says a word. How do you work with someone like this?

The best way to work with this type of co-worker is from a distance. You should also be thankful that he is not your boss.

While it is singularly unpleasant to be in a state of constant battle with a co-worker, if you roll over and go along with everything he says, soon enough there will be nothing left of you. You should not have to be walking on eggs around him either, as this can be a real drain on your time, nerves, and productivity.

You need to have a face-to-face discussion with this individual. In this meeting, you should describe the specific behaviors that are upsetting you, let him know your feelings, and then tell him that if this type of treatment continues, you are going to talk to your manager about it. And, be sure to keep your word.

This fellow is little more than a bully. But, nowhere in the Bully Handbook is it written that you have to be a victim. If he sulks around in silence when he does not get his way, then at least you know how to get him to stop insulting and criticizing you.

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