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Yelling Bullies Turnover Quitting Time

Our manager is a tyrant. She yells and screams at most of us, makes unreasonable demands, and generally treats us poorly. The turnover in our department is the highest in the company. We have gone to senior management and told them about this, but they do not seem to care. Is there anything else we should be doing?

Not with this manager. If you genuinely enjoy working for this company, then your next move should be to transfer out of this department as soon as possible. However, that still leaves the larger question of why you want to remain in this company at all. Top management has clearly demonstrated that they do not care about your ideas, inputs, and concerns, and they are obviously willing to keep a manager who treats employees with reckless disdain, and that's on a good day.

By failing to do anything about your manager, senior management would rather deal with a high degree of turnover than a high degree of employee concern. That makes very little sense, not only in humanistic terms, but in economic terms as well. The best companies today strive to treat their employees with respect and trust, but you seem to have found a company that prefers to treat them like dirt.

This is a very good time to step back and take a look at where you would like your career to be going. At various points in your work life, you will get subtle and not-so-subtle messages about your career direction. You are at one of those points, and management is giving you one of those messages.

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