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I work in the corporate office of a family business, and the president's teenage son was just hired to help us out during the summer. He is a spoiled and inconsiderate person who keeps his own hours, makes endless personal calls, and boasts that he does not have to work at all. We don't want to insult the president, but we are already at our wit's end. What should we do?

Although the president's son was hired to help you out, it is obvious that you would like to help him out, preferably out the door. Since that is not a feasible option, you first step is to speak directly with him. If you have not done so already, there should be some introductions, explanations of everyone's roles, clarification of expectations, and a chance for him to talk. You could even do this over lunch. If he gets to know you more as individuals and less as objects who work for daddy, he may be more respectful of you, your job, and his job. If you find that he cannot get out of his brat mode, then you should speak to your department manager about him. Most managers do not take kindly to employees who generate dissatisfaction, unrest, and disruption, regardless of their family ties. Your manager is literally and figuratively in a better position to talk to this employee as well as to his father if necessary. It's always good to know if a family business focuses more on family or business, and you are about to find out.

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