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Our company just put up some new artwork in our branch, and most of us think it's ugly and creates a sour mood. Do you think we should voice our concerns to management?

Especially in the world of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even if just about everyone believes that a particular piece of art is a sight to behold. There's little doubt that someone at a very senior level in the company thinks the artwork is state of the art, so your possible complaints or suggestions are not going to get very far. Over time, a number of things can happen. For example, new artwork tends to move from the foreground to the background as people get used to it, and that can happen even faster if you and your associates spend less time analyzing it. Another interesting phenomenon is that artwork which you might not like at first can actually grow on you, and you may even acquire a taste for it. Or, if the art is truly off the wall, that's where it will probably end up. The sour mood that you attribute to the artwork is being compounded by frequent negative discussions about it. You should make your focal point whatever is on your desk as opposed to whatever may be on the walls.

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