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Hiring Layoffs Internet

I was laid off about two months ago and I just found a new job. I was surprised to receive an email directing me to a site that is sponsored by my former company and designed to let former employees know about things going on there. I'd never go back, so what's the point?

For some individuals, the idea of returning to a company that laid them off is greeted with about the same level of enthusiasm as returning to the endodontist for a second root canal. Nonetheless, there are many individuals who have no qualms about returning to a prior employer under the right circumstances.

As a result, growing numbers of companies are establishing sites that are designed to set the stage for former employees to return when business perks up.

Many companies have found that there are some real advantages associated with rehiring laid-off former employees. For example, this type of hiring reduces virtually all of the unknowns in the employment process, while also reducing a wide range of direct and indirect costs, such as those associated with running ads, checking references, and orienting and training new employees.

It is apparent that many employers have been rethinking the issue of rehiring, and many former employees have been rethinking the issue of returning.

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