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I am salaried and work long hours, and many times when I am about to leave, my manager stops me and says that he needs to talk about some issue or another. This can take an hour or more, and it's late in the day and I'm ready to go. How can I tell him?

If your boss needs to meet with you occasionally to discuss business issues late in the day, but you indicate that you are ready to go, he may conclude that you are indeed ready to go, permanently. Many people are putting in long hours these days, and these nights, and that can include last-minute discussions that last many minutes.

Obviously if you have commitments outside of work that you need to fulfill on a given day, you should let your boss know ahead so that your meeting with him can be adjusted. However, for the most part, if he needs to regularly meet with you late in the day, that is simply part of your job.

This is not to say that the entire issue of work/life balance has been thrown out the window, as many companies still include flexible scheduling and other key components of such programs. At the same time, it is also expected that the employees demonstrate some flexibility as well.

Your manager obviously values these late-in-the-day meetings with you, and being so valued in today's economy is not all that bad.

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