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I am in the middle of a very frustrating job hunt. I have made follow-up phone calls after being interviewed, but after experiencing the annoyed voices of human resources officials telling me that they will call me if they wish to follow up, I have to ask, is it me or have standards changed?

Today's job applicants are frequently advised to follow-up with phone calls or letters to whoever interviewed them, and this continues to be sound advice, provided you try to use an approach that will help you sound like the best applicant, rather than the pest applicant.

If you keep calling and asking if they've made a decision or when they'll be making one, you are setting yourself up for a cold response. Remember that you are trying to sell your labor, so you need to stay in a selling mind set.

When you follow-up with potential employers, try to make it enticing for them to either take your call or contact you. For example, perhaps you just completed a training program, received an award, or have further information on an issue that was discussed in the interview.

You can even leave a message that you are going to be near their office and have a sample of your work that you would like to drop off. Conclude your message by asking when is the best time to stop by.

Employers still like applicants who show persistence, provided it is accompanied by an equal amount of perception.

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