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On a recent business trip, my manager and I had to remove our shoes as part of the security check. I happened to be wearing a pair of socks that have a couple of holes, and my manager noticed them. He made a joke about it at the time and keeps mentioning it. How do I get him to stop?

If pulling up the socks incident is your boss's idea of great conversational material, you must be having a wonderful time reporting to him.

The best way to get him out of the sock department is for you to ignore the comments when he brings them up. If he can still get a reaction out of you, that's going to encourage him to keep talking about it. If you say nothing, he will eventually move to another stimulating topic.

Now, as for the socks, it would not do you any harm to pick up a new pair or two. You can be sure that the next time you and your manager take a flight, he is going to be looking carefully at your socks in hopes of finding new comedic material. If your socks are made of better material, that will put an end to it.

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