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During my performance review today, my manager told me that I don't have much "cubicle etiquette." I told her I had never heard that expression before. She said something about my being too noisy and distracting employees in the cubicles around me. I don't think I'm that noisy. I don't know what to do with what she said. Any ideas?

Giving an employee a vague label and then making some noise about being too noisy does not say much about your manager's skills or etiquette. If she has factual data indicating that your behavior in or around the cubicles is inappropriate, she should give you specific examples, followed by some suggestions. In fact, this type of feedback should be provided as close to the behavior as possible, rather that waiting for the formal review session.

At the same time, employees who work in cubicles tend to communicate a good deal with each other, and it is rather surprising that you had not received any feedback from your co-workers regarding your personal volume levels. If you have not heard any of this from them, then you really need to meet with your manager again. Let her know that you want to improve, but you need specific information so that you can make the right adjustments.

As for the issue of cubicle etiquette, there are experts ready to advise employees on a whole range of so-called improper behaviors, such as humming or tapping one's fingers. However, with the feedback you received, it would not be surprising to find you saying, "hmmmmmm" and tapping your fingers.

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