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I report to one of several managers-on-duty, and she yells at me and insists I do everything her way. Her boss, the general manager, gives me totally different directions. If I do what the general manager says, the manager-on-duty yells. My supervisor decided to quit because of the manager-on-duty. How do I deal with her?

If a creature from outer space were to land at your company's door and say, "Take me to your leader," you would not know where to go. Your supervisor already has one foot out the door, your manager-on-duty is off base, and the general manager doesn't seem to be in the ballpark at all.

When you receive conflicting directives from different levels of management, and you report the situation to your direct manager who simply insists that you follow her, your only option is to go directly to the general manager. In meeting with this individual, the objective is not to focus on your manager whose idea of leadership is being a yell leader. Rather, the focus should be on the confusion that results from conflicting directives from two levels of management. Tell the general manager that you do not know what to do and you need help.

If this general manager has even a general idea about management, he or she will meet with your manager-on-duty to clarify your job responsibilities, priorities, and objectives. If the chain of command continues to tie you in knots, then perhaps it is time to start thinking about moving to an organization that is actually organized.

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