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I am employed by a major financial services corporation that has six local branches. I was recently overlooked for the manager position at my office. A form letter I received indicated that a candidate with "more credentials" had been hired. I was told to work hard toward this position and learn from the new manager. However, her experience and knowledge are a fraction of mine. Is it time to move on?

Before you move on, you need to make a move on finding out the real reasons why you were not promoted to this position. If you truly have more experience and expertise than the new manager, then there are obviously some other matters percolating beneath the surface that caused her to be selected over you.

You should meet with your manager to discuss two related topics. In the first place, you should try to learn more about the specific reasons why you were not promoted. Let your manager know that you are interested in these reasons strictly from the standpoint of getting some feedback so that you can be better qualified for the next open managerial position.

The second reason for meeting with your manager is to get his or her thoughts as to the specific actions that you need to take in order to be promoted. The next step is for you to take those actions, even if it includes classes, seminars, licenses, or certificates.

By taking these steps, you should be fully qualified for the next promotion. If you receive another rejection, then it is time for you to reject this company.

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