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Automobiles Non-stop Talkers

Several of us are going to a conference, and a few of us are driving our own cars. The problem is that the woman that I am supposed to take does not stop talking. I don't know how I will be able to handle two hours in the car with her. Do you?

If your passenger is truly going to be talking nonstop while you drive nonstop, there are a couple of steps to consider. Although it may be tempting to discretely give her some feedback, all that you are likely to generate is hurt feelings, defensiveness, and more intense chatter. You are not going to be able to do much about the cause, and it is not your business to try.

A more positive approach is to let her know that you like to use long drives as an opportunity to listen to some self-development tapes or novels on tape. By definition, these are listening and learning activities. You could listen to music, but for the card-carrying chatterbox, all music is background music.

Another approach is to take one or two other associates with you at the same time. This would make it far more difficult for your talkative colleague to dominate the whole conversation. And, she would be even less likely to do so if she sits in the back seat.

There is one warning to remember: your desire to make the two hours speed by can literally cause you to speed. So, take it easy and enjoy listening to the book.

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