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I work in inside sales with 20 other salespeople. At a recent Internet convention, all of us worked very hard to bring in leads. But, the only people who were given the leads were the sales reps who management thought would have a higher probability of closing them. This means that I went to work just to generate leads for other salespeople. How do I approach management and ask why they did this to us?

It is not easy for management to come up with one action that can demotivate the salespeople, undercut teamwork, destroy credibility, and generate dissatisfaction at the same time. But, management at your company figured out a way to do it.

You and some of your associates should tell your manager that you are confused over this action and need management's help to understand it. Putting your manager in a helping mode can reduce his or her defensiveness.

Let your manager see the impact of this decision not only on the employees, but also on the prospects. After all, when you and your associates generated the leads, you built the initial relationship with the prospects, and there could be some resistance associated with this unexpected changeover.

You should consider asking your manager if there is a way for you to participate in the sales process with your leads, and/or share some of the commissions from sales that result from them. You should also ask to be kept better informed on these types of decisions, and suggest that you be given an opportunity to present your inputs in the process. This may be a tough sell, but it's a great opportunity to let your manager see that you can close as well as the best of them.

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