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I went to lunch with friend who used to work here. I thought he had contacted me just for the sake of being friendly, but the entire lunch conversation was centered on his home based business and how he wants me to be part of his network. I told him I'm not cut out for it, and he said I'm a natural. He just called and gave me five different dates to come to a meeting. How do I turn this off?

There's a great word that fits perfectly in these situations. It's called, "No!" If you are not interested in joining his organization, you should tell him on a polite, firm, and businesslike basis that you are not going to be pursuing this opportunity. You can add that you value his friendship, you appreciate his thinking of you, and you wish him the best of luck and success, but you will not be joining him in this endeavor.

It does not matter that he has presented you with five possible meeting dates, because even if he had five hundred meeting dates, you are not going to attend. This may be the best business deal in the entire world, but if you are not interested in participating, that is where the discussion ends.

He sounds like someone who will continue to call you for a while, but once he finally realizes that you are not going to budge, the calls will stop. It will be interesting for you to see if this is where the friendship stops too.

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