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I always thought I wanted to be in a management position, and I was promoted into one a few months ago. I haven't told anyone, but I don't like it. I want my old job back, but I'm concerned about what my manager will think. What should I do?

Before you decide that it's time to step down a couple of rungs on the managerial ladder, you should step back and look at the total situation.

There may be some entirely normal reasons for your hesitation and dissatisfaction in this position. For example, many people can be quite anxious, stressed, and shaky when they first move into a new position that is a quantum leap from their past positions. The new position offers many unknowns, and they can be a real source of resistance on your part.

Your reluctance can also be due to any number of other factors. For example, perhaps you have been given inadequate guidance and support from your own manager. If this is the case, you should ask for it. Or, maybe your reluctance stems from a lack of managerial expertise that is making you feel insecure about managing much of anything. If your managerial skills are in fact a little thin, you should consider taking some classes and doing more reading in this area.

In a word, since you are new to management, you should try to find out where your dissatisfaction is coming from, and then set some specific steps to deal with it. This type of opportunity does not arise every day, and you owe it to yourself to be absolutely certain that it is a mismatch before you call the game.

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