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I work in medical research and my problem is that when any of us make discoveries, our supervisor takes our words and turns them into his own without ever giving credit where it is due. He has privately admitted doing this. I pointed out the problem to our mutual boss, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Any suggestions?

In addition to medical research, it sounds like your department could use some management research. After all, whether in a medical field or not, employees can easily become sick and tired of a supervisor who grabs their accomplishments and passes them off as his own.

Your supervisor's behavior is clearly unethical, unprofessional, unkind, and unfair. Importantly, it should also be unacceptable. The fact that it is not points to an equally serious problem: your supervisor's boss. You discussed the situation with this individual, but he or she did not seem to care. And, as long as the boss does not mind the outrageous behavior of a supervisor, that supervisor is given the green light to continue.

However, just because such actions are acceptable to the boss does not mean that they have to be acceptable to you. You should seriously think about approaching a more senior level of management. If you still find that this outrageous treatment of employees is acceptable, then perhaps it is time for you to find a more acceptable work situation.

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