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One of my associates needed an introduction to a certain sales prospect, and I got it for him. The two of them hit it off well and will most likely be doing some business together. I did not hear a word of thanks, and I'm annoyed. Do you think I should say something?

One emerging trend in the workplace appears to be the number of people who have a sense of entitlement, believing that others are supposed to wait on them. Rather than thanking others, they believe that others should be thankful to be of service to them.

This sense of personal royalty is not limited to people in leadership positions, as it can be found in employees at every job level. Sooner or later, many of them are in for a royal surprise.

In your situation, it is obvious that you are bothered by the impolite treatment by your associate. If you find that you are ruminating over it two or three times a day, you should say something. You should avoid using evasive language and trying to fish for thanks, such as by a submissive, "Uh, it sounds like things really worked out well with XYZ company, and I'm sure glad I was able to introduce you...."

Rather, take a businesslike approach and say something like, "I'm a little confused. I didn't get any feedback from you regarding the referral I gave you for XYZ company." Some people will instantly recognize their oversight, apologize, and thank you sincerely. And, for those who view thanks as something that they get but not give, you can politely provide some feedback. If they continue to be less than thankful, keep that in mind the next time they need a favor.

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