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I was laid off from an accounting clerk job I held for just two months. The company was very small and unorganized, and the boss's daughter constantly told me she would be coming in to help, but she never did. I'm wondering how to avoid a situation like this in the future. Can I ask a job interviewer how they are planning on training me? Should I even put this two-month job on my resume?

The best way to avoid falling back into an employment situation that is a complete mismatch is to spend more time checking out a potential employer.

For example, you should walk through the company with all your senses on full alert. If possible, talk to employees and former employees, and try to get an idea of the turnover rate, why the position is open, and how many people have held it during the past couple of years.

As for asking the interviewer how you are going to be trained, you certainly have the right to ask questions in this area. Importantly, you should be thinking about areas in which you want to be trained and whether the company offers training in them. And, no matter what the company offers, remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own training, growth, and development.

And, finally, you should not leave your two-month job off of your resume, as that can be grounds for termination when discovered by your next employer. If you want to forget about that job, go ahead. But, don't forget to put it on your resume.

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