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Over the past several weeks, our manager has hired four new people in our department, and each one is less qualified than the next. This has created more work for all of us. We told our manager about the problem, but he thinks it is a case of longer-term employees resisting new hires. What should we do now?

With the recent shift in the economy, there are many more qualified applicants swimming around in the labor pool these days. At the same time, if a company is committed to hiring less qualified applicants, there needs to be an equally strong commitment to training them.

Your manager seems to subscribe to the philosophy of hiring unqualified personnel and not training them. Give him some factual data to let him see that this is not exactly a win-win formula.

If your manager is planning on doing even more hiring, you and your associates should indicate that you would like to help. By offering help rather than complaints or criticism, you are more likely to catch his ear. Many companies are getting their employees involved in screening, and this approach is linked to more effective hiring decisions.

In addition, ask your manager what he is going to do about providing the four newly hired employees with more training, and let him know that you are willing to help in this area, too. And, speaking of training, perhaps your manager should think about selecting a training program on employee selection.

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