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What are your thoughts about a wife, girlfriend, or significant other taking over and running the office? This is the situation here, and all of us are afraid to say anything to our boss because he is "in love" and lets his significant other do things her way. The atmosphere is very tense, and the working environment is not efficient. This woman has the power to get any of us fired.

One great way for your boss to create significant trouble is to bring his significant other to work. However, although it appears that your boss's love interest has taken over the office, all she has really taken over is your boss.

The rest of you are clearly less than enthralled with her charms. After all, there is no way that any of you should follow the directives or demands of an individual whose only qualifications are that she is perpetually up close and personal with the boss.

The best first step is for you and all of your associates to discuss the situation with your boss. However, rather than just complaining about his special someone, you should focus on the specific work-related problems that have resulted from the lack of direct contact and communication with him. He needs to see how the present arrangement is interfering with departmental performance and productivity.

If your boss does not pick up the cue, and there is a level of management above him, that should be your next stop. Any reasonable topsider will be less than enthralled with your boss's romantic tale, and will also wonder what in the world he is doing all day while his significant other is out there treating all of you like insignificant others.

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