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Fear Recognition Atmosphere

We have occasional visitors to our offices, and the president takes them around. As he enters the departments, he looks at us but says nothing. It's as if we don't exist. He just continues his tour with the guests. I am somewhat afraid to say something. What do you suggest?

The president of your company is actually showing nothing to the visitors, since each department is nothing without the people. This type of treatment says a great deal about the president's managerial style, and none of it is positive.

By ignoring all of you, he is missing two important opportunities. In the first place, when he singles out employees and greets them during these tours, he is actually providing them with personal recognition. This is satisfying and rewarding for the employees, and it simply makes them feel good.

Secondly, if he greets employees by name along the way, the visitors are going to receive positive messages about the company's atmosphere and the president's leadership style. Perhaps the only reason a president might overlook the team is if the visitor has another imminent appointment and the tour has to be rushed.

The next time he and some visitors leisurely come by, you should say a quick "hello," and be sure to use the president's name. He is very likely to give you a "hello" right back, and he may even greet others in your area. However, if you are "somewhat afraid" to say something as brazen as "hello" to the president, that is often a precursor to "goodbye."

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