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I just had a job interview that lasted about ten minutes. When it was set up, I was told to plan on spending an entire afternoon, but the interviewer said he was behind and if there's interest, he'll contact me. I don't think I said or did anything wrong. Should I send him a note to stay in the process or just move on?

When a job interview is literally an exit interview, it is never a good sign. While there can be some acceptable reasons for a ten-minute interview, there did not seem to be any here.

Some companies will schedule brief preliminary interviews, but applicants are advised of this in advance. Interviews can also run short if there is an instant problem, such as totally inappropriate responses to some opening questions. You should replay the interview in your mind to see if there was anything you did that could have ended the dialogue before it started.

If you truly believe that you did not cross the boundaries of acceptable pre-employment behavior, you can only conclude that the interviewer is the one who crossed these boundaries. Assuming he was telling you the truth about his busy schedule, he should have set up another interview with you on the spot.

If you are still interested in this job, you have nothing to lose by sending a follow-up note and trying to reschedule an interview. If you do not receive a prompt and positive response, you should promptly and positively forget about this company.

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