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Alcohol Drinking Self-Insight Denial

I am the office manager for a small company, and my boss is the president and part owner. The problem is his drinking. I have worked here for over 12 years, and he has been drinking for the last 5. The other owner of the company, who is retired but still checks up on things, has talked to my boss about the problem, so now he finds ways to hide the odor, but still drinks. How can I make my boss understand that his drinking is affecting his health, the way he does business, and the way others see him?

Since you have worked for this individual for over 12 years, your relationship is presumably strong enough to permit you to speak openly and candidly with him.

The problem is that although you would like to make him understand the damage being caused by his drinking, he is probably aware of it. But, he has probably consumed a rather large dose of denial as well.

Your boss does not need information. He needs help. Although you want to tell him your concerns, you need to tell him more than that. For example, tell him the names of some local health care providers who specialize in this field, or tell him to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

You can most likely give your boss a rational explanation as to why he should not be drinking on the job, but he needs to deal with the underlying issues that are causing him to do so. That calls for professional help, and that is the sobering truth.

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