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I began a job at a small company a couple of months ago. I was told there was a 6-minute grace period for tardiness, but I was recently counseled for being late 10 times, but I have never been more than 3 minutes late. Now I heard that they hold any tardiness against you. The turnover is high, and since I have been here, 3 people have been fired for "poor work ethic," also known as tardiness. If I am let go, will my "tardiness" hurt me when I apply for another job?

If this company is terminating employees for tardiness, but these employees are not technically in violation of the policy, then management needs to clock-in for the some training sessions on employee motivation, leadership, and perhaps a class on employment law. At this point, management's approach is doing little more than generating ill will, distrust, dissatisfaction, and substantial as well as potential costs.

This is a time when companies are doing all in their power to attract and retain good employees. In fact, when employees are a couple of minutes late on a regular basis, many companies today will check to see if there is a need to implement more flexibility in the work hours.

The extreme actions being taken by your company indicate that many other managerial problems may exist as well. If you are terminated, all you will have to do is tell a potential employer the truth about your company's policies and the issue will be ended. Don't be surprised to find that your company's practices are already well-known in the industry. After all, there are plenty of former employees who have been spreading the word.

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