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My department is very busy, and we use our copier all day. Employees from other departments use it because it is closer than the one assigned to them, and this causes delays for my staff. When I voiced concern to my manager, she accused me of hoarding the copier, and added that we are one company and everything can be used by everyone. Does that make sense?

Since everything can be used by everyone, did you mention to your manager that you are going to be using her office, her company car, and her administrative assistant?

Obviously, in the broad perspective, your manager is correct when she says that you work for one company. However, if your company wants to have any chance of meeting its objectives, it needs something called organization. The employees need to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and be provided with the resources to carry them out. Expecting them to operate as if they were on a scavenger hunt does not exactly build organizational effectiveness.

Nonetheless, your staff should be flexible when people need to use the copier. It is important for employees in every department to be willing to help and support individuals from other areas. However, when such support interferes with departmental operations, then it is time to step back and see if the source of the problem can be identified. With copier prices where they are today, your immediate situation does not sound like a tough one to fix. The tougher issue that appears to need some fixing is the working relationship with your manager.

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