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Our manager pretends to be interested in our ideas, and she uses all of this management terminology, but in reality she wants everything done her way. She never admits a mistake, and if we succeed at something, she makes little comments telling us that she did it even better. How in the world do you deal with someone like this?

She sounds like a perfect reason for having a home office. This type of manager is obviously a highly controlling individual, and that characteristic tends to generate considerable dissatisfaction and resistance in today's workplace.

The problem is that her controlling behaviors are more a reflection of her personality than her managerial skills. And, while managerial skills can be changed, personality traits tend to be more enduring.

This means that rather than trying to change this individual, which you will not be able to do, you should accept her style as a given, and try to focus on the more satisfying and motivational aspects of your work. Hopefully, your job offers at least some intrinsic satisfaction, perhaps through the challenge, learning opportunities, and contact with your peers.

By focusing more on the key factors that are particularly rewarding to you on the job, you should find not only improved satisfaction and performance, but perhaps some improved opportunities for a transfer or promotion. At the same time, if your manager's style continues to grate on you, just remember that although she may be a controlling individual, you have control over your career.

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