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As I was sitting at my cluttered desk filled with boring work, I realized that this job has changed over the years and I don't like it. It seems strange that this feeling hit almost overnight, since I don't think I felt this way yesterday. Is this a passing dissatisfaction or something more serious?

The subtle and miniscule changes that occur in one's work life and personal life often go unobserved on a daily basis, only to come clearly into view at some point down the road when they cannot be missed. In psychology, these are referred to "just noticeable differences." The changes on your job have been slowly piling up, one atop the other, like single grains of sand in a rowboat. One day, the boat sinks. Your dissatisfaction is not a passing feeling, but rather the deep sense of malaise that comes from knowing that you and your job are out of sync. Once way to deal with this is to look for ways to bring back some of the satisfying aspects of your job, such as by seeking out different challenging assignments or even exploring the possibility of a transfer. There may be some new committees or task forces for you to join, and you also should look at your overall skill levels and see if there are areas that need to be strengthened or rebuilt. Now that you are aware of the just noticeable differences in your job, you get to decide if you want to use them to make more than just noticeable differences in your life.

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