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I am the only woman on a four-person educator team. I am a clinical social worker, and I get along well with all of the other team members, except one, the school principal. He tells people not to listen to what I say, he shared information inappropriately, and he provokes the children. I have called him on this behavior, ignored his arrogance, told my supervisor, and hired men because women cannot stand working with him. My boss thinks I am overreacting. What do you think?

Although your boss thinks you are overreacting, your boss is clearly under-reacting. He or she has been advised of serious workplace issues and has chosen to ignore them. This means the situation will only worsen until you take additional action.

You have taken many correct steps up to this point. You discussed the problem with the perpetrator, tried to ignore it, and reported it to management, all to no avail. One questionable action was to only hire men. This step, based on honest motives, could actually set the basis for claims against you and the district.

Starting today, you should document every incident in which the principal attacks, insults, or degrades you. Be sure to include dates, witnesses, and locations. With your documentation completed, follow your district's procedures for these types of matters. These procedures will carry you to increasingly senior levels until this situation is resolved, hopefully with this principal without principles being forced to face the consequences of his incessant bullying.

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