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Our general manager recently sent out notes of appreciation to almost everyone, but I never received one. I feel annoyed and humiliated, and I donít know if he is trying to tell me something or if he just forgot. I am reluctant to ask him because I think I would look too needy. Is there anything else I could do?

It is clearly upsetting to find that everyone is being thanked, while you are left thankless. Your feelings of annoyance and humiliation are normal, but unless you take some action, they are going to fester and grow. Your first action should be to take an honest look at your performance, and then ask yourself if there is any possible reason why your general manager might believe that you have not merited a letter of praise. If you find that your performance is at least equal to that of the employees who were treated with glowing notes, then there are some steps to consider. In light of your reluctance to approach the general manager, you could consider discussing the situation with your direct supervisor or with another supervisor whom you trust. You could also discuss it with the human resources manager if your company has one. The larger issue is your reluctance to approach the general manager. If you are a solid performer and this individual is a solid manager, a meeting with him on this matter should not be interpreted as neediness. If he makes you feel this way when you meet, perhaps he is the needy individual, especially when it comes to a need for managerial training.

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