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We have a new supervisor, and three of us work under her. She manages by threat and intimidation. She gives us a performance appraisal and shows us our errors, but does not credit us for anything we do right. What is the best way to deal with her?

When a supervisor spends her day focusing on the errors made by her staff, she is failing to see that the biggest error of all is in her leadership style. Even if you and your associates are making tons of errors, an approach that constantly points them out is not management. Effective management implies coaching, constructive feedback, and two-way communication.

The next time that she gives you negative feedback on your performance, ask for specific guidance regarding the steps you should take in order to improve. Be sure to apply these steps on future work. This will make it far more difficult for her to criticize you, because doing so will cause her to criticize herself as well.

In addition, in this age of open communication, you and your associates should also consider discussing your supervisor's leadership style with her. The discussion should focus on the ways that she will profit by establishing a more balanced and communicative working relationship with all of you.

If she gets the message and gives you some positive feedback, be sure to give her some positive feedback for doing so. And, if she ignores the message, then perhaps it is time to send one to her manager.

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