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The president and senior officers of our company occasionally visit our center, but when they enter the building, they walk by all of us as if we are furniture. They go right into the conference room, have a closed-door meeting, and then rush out. I guess there's not much that can be done about this, but I thought I'd ask.

Your busy president and his entourage are ignoring the company's most valuable assets and resources, namely you and your associates.

However, the problem does not rest with the topside team alone. Presumably your center has a general manager or administrator, and he or she should know how important it is for the leaders to communicate directly with the team. This means that your first step is to meet with this individual and express your interest in having more contact and communication with the company's topsiders when they visit the building.

If this general manager indicates that he or she will try to help make that happen, your next step is to wait. However, if this general manager says that he or she has tried but to no avail, then you and several of your associates should write and sign a positive, upbeat, and businesslike letter to the company president expressing your interest in meeting with him or her and the topside team when they next visit your center. Let them know that this type of contact is routinely carried out in the companies that are consistently listed among the best places to work. And, not coincidentally, such companies are often noted to be among the most successful.

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